California Road Trip 02.20 PT.1

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A Long Road Ahead...


 It's been a week since Curtis (@hellocartis) and I set off from frigid snow and cold of Vancouver in hopes of catching some sunshine and good times in the great state of California. This'll be a part 1 of 2 blog about our trip...

  Our trip started off in typical Canadian winter fashion with snow hitting us the night before. Luckily we had winter tires equipped on Derpy which made it effortless to navigate the treacherous roads...


 We left at 4:30 PM as I still had to finish my work shift and pack, last minute for sure but reasonable because I had drifted Derpy the weekend before at Evergreen Raceway and had damaged a few things which required some crazy heroics by Geoff (@geoffmint) to reprint my 3D printed canards on Vancouver Island. Seeing as we were already on the ferries to grab the canards,
I convinced Eric (@thatrealcargirl) to buy two Bride Stradia seats from our friend Leigh (@waramp). So an evening gone and two seats and some canards on a ferry later, plus some help from Sammy (@vncvr.z33) who was generous enough to lend me garage space to slam it all back together, we were show / road / drift ready.


  We got through the Border with no drama and no wait, arriving in Seattle at 7:30 to pick up the tent and some merch we had left at Tyler's house the weekend before (@theotherwrx). After a brief chat we mobbed down to Southcenter Mall for some Ding Tai Fung with the Kimoji Crew.  With a full stomach and some happy conversation, we left the Seattle area around 11PM.
The Drive down to Cali is always a mixed bag, we had a rainstorm in Seattle, high winds in Southern Washington / Portland, Fog through the mountains and sunshine when we arrived in Northern Cali. This was truly 4 seasons in a day for us. We ended up taking a 5 hour nap at a rest stop in the bucket seats just south of Portland because I was pretty tired. 


  Waking up at 6 am feeling refreshed, we plowed through the rest of the drive and finally arrived in San Francisco at 2:00 PM to meet some of the guys from MR2 Heaven (@ravi_mr2 and @phamrichard) who showed me their operations and awesome products for my MR2 rebuild in the works. 

 Another dinner at Shake Shack and some teary MR2 stories, we soldiered onwards to San Jose and arrived at 8PM to the Illiminate warehouse.


 Most of the gang was here and prepping for the weekend of drifting and the car show to come. It was work and play with them as usual and having not seen a lot of them for 3 months, we definitely had some catching up to do. 
Randy was kind enough to have lent me some wheels and even had them mounted for me with the drift spares that I bought - Real Homie and MVP right here.  
We ended up chilling till 1AM with some Spartan Tacos before heading back and calling it a night.


  Derpy was still on winters which would seem very out of place for a car in California so I woke up early in the morning to go with Randy to prep his GTR for his trip down south and so that I can take my wheels to Vex Motorsports to get my summer tires mounted last minute.

Vex is always a fun place to be, and everyone that works there is a real treat to talk to whenever I'm in town...



With the tires mounted and Derpy all packed up, Curtis met up with me and we were ready to make our way down to SoCal...................................To be continued in part 2


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